Sep 15, 2008 (08:09 PM EDT)
Selection Of The InformationWeek 500

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The InformationWeek 500 has established a tradition over the last 20 years of identifying and recognizing companies leveraging technology in innovative ways to improve the business. Unique among corporate rankings, the InformationWeek 500 spotlights the power of innovation in business technology, rather than simply identifying the biggest IT spenders.

To be ranked, companies with at least $500 million in annual revenue complete a survey on their business technology strategies, including two essays. InformationWeek editors evaluate them, and the quantitative and qualitative judgments are the basis for the ranking.

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InformationWeek 500 companies and by industry; individual responses are kept confidential and individual company data is never disclosed without permission.

The application period for next year's InformationWeek 500 opens in January. Detailed information on the application process will be available then at the InformationWeek 500 Resource Center. Send questions regarding the process to

The 2008 InformationWeek 500 Analytics report, which includes all the aggregated data from the survey, can be downloaded free, for a limited time, at

Heather Vallis,
Managing Editor, Research

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